Awake or Woke?

     I saw this video last night from Doug & Stacy Off Grid on YouTube.  I've been saying for some time now that those "contrails" in the sky aren't contrails, but "chemtrails".  Well, this video will enlighten some of you out there as it did me. I never heard of "military chaff"?  What in the world is that?  Look it up online and this is what you'll find:  


Modern military forces use chaff to distract active radar homing missiles from their targets. Military aircraft and warships can be equipped with chaff ...


     Okay, that's a reasonable definition.  Unfortunately, they've been using it for years to pollute our skies, our land, our water, and I doubt very much whether that has anything to do with "homing missiles from their targets"!!!  Check out what this weather woman is saying and listen to Doug.  Wow!






    This video is something that needs to be watched by everyone.  9/11 was done by our own government.  The evidence points to that, but the actual way they did it elludes investigators, mainly because the debris (especially the steel itself) disappeard too quickly.  The man who's narrating it has some amazing evidence and conjectures to consider, but it truly has a ton of validity.  Maui was destroyed by DEW (direct energy weapons), that's the only way all that happened could have happened.  We've heard of that  possibly being the cause of many of the forest fires that have been going on in the past 2/3 years.  Could it have also been used for 9/11?  The evidence of how a plane could get through the massive amounts of steel that those buildings were made of, plus the 3rd building that went down aside of the twin towers, and wasn't even hit, also collapsed exactly the way the twin towers collapsed.  I've heard many say that those buildings were controlled demolitions and when you look at them go down, it HAS to be.  It was too clean, to fast and too weird.  You be the judge.