Things to Think About

     I just listened to an interview that Tucker Carlson had with a man named Bret Weinstein.  Halfway through... I started crying.  Why?  To imagine that any human being who would do what this man is explaining is beyond anything I personally know of human nature and far beyond any evil we've seen up to this point.  The people who are doing all that is involved in the field of medications are so far past all the horror stories we've heard about during the Holocaust.  The experimentaion on the Jews is NOTHING compared to what this man is talking about.

     Again.... I will say this.  These people who are doing all this (people especially involved in WHO and WEF) are entirely demon possessed.  No human being would even consider any of this.  We are in the end days of life as we know it.  Jesus is coming back VERY soon and the Tribulation is right around the corner.  Ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins, and come into your heart as your Lord and Savior and get ready to meet your Maker.  This is the only hope any of us have, PERIOD!



     These 2 short video are showing how people are waking up to all that's going on in strange ways, but at least they're waking up.  The 1st one is Dr. Drew Pinsky, a Board Certified Internist, who used to be all about Fauci, but now sees what he was really up to and so many others. He's being interviewed on the Rubin Report.



     This other video is about a report on the drug Ozempic.  I know that this drug is for diabetics, because I am a diabetic. That’s what it’s used for. But for some reason they are advertising it as a weight loss drug!  That is totally ridiculous.  My doctor wanted me to try it and ordered it for me. I read the side effect sheet and gave it back to her. I wouldn't take that if you paid me!

     The side effects of this drug are horrible and I’m convinced that side effects of ALL drugs are there because the drug manufacturers have been putting those side effects in those drugs, and we have been used as guinea pigs for years.  Then all of a sudden they come out with more drugs for those side effects after so many people get it.  Where do you think all these “new” diseases are coming from?  Where do you think Autism came from?  These things just didn’t come out of thin air. These drug cartels are making people sicker who are on meds, so they never get off of them.  Drugs are made to make money for those who make them, NOT to get the people who are sick, better!  If you can’t see that by now, you don’t want to!

     The other reason I know about Ozempic is because my daughter, who is a nurse, was taking it. I saw it in her fridge and asked WHY she had that in there.  She said she was trying to lose weight.  "WHAT!" I said to her.  "That is NOT for weight loss, it’s a diabetic medication, and has very serious side effects that go with it.  Do you want to completely wreck your health?"  She told me it didn’t help her lose weight anyway, and she’s not going to use it anymore.

     These drug companies are experimenting on us, and we have all been brain washed to believe that we need the next new drug or we need the next vaccine.  That’s why it’s been so easy for them to instill fear in the masses, and why people line up immediately to get the next shot!  



     Watch this video interview by Tucker Carlson and start looking at everything!  Labels!  Side effect sheets that come with your meds!  Open your eyes to the truth about what’s really going on all around you.  Make yourself aware of what the true agenda of the WHO and the WEF are really all about… and make no mistake… they don’t care one iota about making you well or anything else that would better your life.  They want to CONTROL EVERYTHING!!!


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