Things to Think About

     This video is a great way to see what "the plan" is and what you really need to see in order for you to prepare for what's still coming...  It just came out a couple hours ago, but it's a combination of a lot of podcasts with Dr. Jan Harper-Hays that is as close to it as she can get.  Hope this helps some of you figure some things out and others to do your own research to see for yourself... 


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     This video below is a brief but inclusive rendition of what these globalists have been doing to America and the American people, of which I'm one.  It's sickening how they've turned us into their long time employees and changed our history books to depict England as the "loving mother country" who looks over her sons and daughters in America with love!  Oh brother!  I'd love to say a few more choice words, but they aren't worth it.  Plus, the spot in Hell they've acquired will be with them for all eternity, which I wouldn't wish on anyone, not even them.  Just watch... I'm sure you'll know what I'm talking about when you listen.  It was taken off of And We Know podcast on 5/3/24.



     I have a link here that's a continuation of the short video above.  It's got a Trump picture on it, but it's not him talking and it's not about Trump.  It's a man reading all about how our country got STOLEN, DECEIVED and USED by England and the Vatican.  This stuff is real folks!  Our bodies, our person, our lives have been used by the English government as collateral for a loan our country blindly accepted by the new Federal Reserve Banksters in 1913...  then they continued to trap us, secretly, behind closed doors and working with people that are in league with them since this country won the Revolutionary War and then sold us back to England in 1871.  We've been a British colony since then.  Trump has already signed us out of that agreement and we were United States, Inc., but now are the Republic of the United States of America under the Original Constitution!  

     Listen to this.  You'll see what I'm talking about.  Listen closely 'cause he talks fast and he's a bit upset, as I was when I heard all this.  It makes my blood boil...  Patriots!  Stand!  Take back our country!    

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     This video which features Derek Johnson, the foremost expert on "military" protocol, has some interesting answers and viewpoints on the immigrant status, what the future election may look like, what Trump really is walking in right now and more.  He's a good guy and very, very patriotic... no doubt about that.