Photo Albums
     We hope you will put your photos in this section. When you want to start a new album, you would have to upload one photo, and in the Caption section, tell me what you want the album to be called and the caption for that picture.  I'll make the album and then you can upload all the photos you want into that album. Unfortunately, right now, people can't make a new album without that process being done.  After that approval, you can then upload your pics, 1 at a time, and do the captions you want for each one.  Any other info, email me at:
     Our 50th Class Reunion pictures are on and so are the pictures from the Tour of LHS on 8/5.  If you want to see the video of that tour, go on the Reunion Update page.  There's a link to it there.  You can also view the Keynote presentation presented at the reunion and Gary Lavelle's speech.  There are links to both of them on the Reunion Update page as well.
50th Class Reunion LHS Tour 8/5/17
50th Class of '67 Reunion 8/6/17
Ernie Matus Tribute Photos
10th Class Reunion
Andrea (McCarthy) Matus
Delight Yanko & Ed Czaplicki
Guess who?  Our Prez, Freddy Robertson
Harry & Tommy Detsch
Jennie Grube
Joanne Puskar & Jim Parker
Karen (Welch) & John Doran
Lynn (Davidson) Pietrouchie
Donna Wright & Keith
35th Reunion Pictures
Classmates from Florida
Fred & Nancy Robertson, Craig & Mary Lou Eby, Skip and Barb Snyder-Eby met on 2/9/13 at the Hollywood Studios at Disney where Skip works. Once in a lifetime picture.
Joe's Scans
You Guys at the Tally-Ho on (what else?) December 26th.
Charlie Colemans Wedding: (l to r) Ernie Savakis, Joe Kempfer, Charlie Coleman, and John Strohl.
The day after Turkey Day, 1966 (l to r) Joe Kempfer, Gary Mann, Ernie Savakis, Vince Ortwein, John Strohl, and Jackie Krajczar.
Basic Training at Fort Jackson, SC in September 1968 - Joe Kempfer and Bob Goosley.  Yes Sir!
I think from the Cauldron - Mary Lee sitting on Rose Anns lap.
Joe's Photos
Liberty H.S. Renovations
Liberty - looking north from Fairview St.
Liberty - the baseball field, Memorial Gym, and the stadium
Liberty - the baseball field and the stadium
Liberty High School - December 30, 2006
Liberty High School 
August 26, 2007
Karen's Photo Album
Sherry's Photos
Steffie's Album
Look what else you can do when you are 50! Travel with the red hats.
This was a fountain in Savannah GA
Susan's Photos
Craig Eby
Dray And Jane
Dray, Jane, and Linda
You Guys - December 26, 2004 & 2007
You Guys Golf Tournament - 2012
You Guys Golf - 2015
You Guys Golf
You Guys 2017
YouGuys Get Together at Wooden March
John Diacogiannis, Dick Boak, Vince Ortwein
John Sotzing, Barry Stahr
Ken Roach, Nick Zumas, Bruce Macri
Ron Mohap, Dick Moyer, Ron Kline, Vince Ortwein, Dick Boak
You Guys Golf 8/7/21