If you wish to contact me about anything, please feel free.  My email is kwilty@gmail.com   Just fill out the information below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

       I also have a video to share with you that I hope you will take to heart. I actually was led to click on it for the 1st time.  I never heard Dr. Coleman before but he's apparently had a Rumble channel for 4 years now.  He's sitting in a chair with a coat, scarf and hat on because he and his very ill wife have no heat and don't expect it to be turned on till spring.  They've been banned, criticized and attacked in many ways because of his determination to tell the truth.  I think this will be his last post because he has nobody to help him care for his wife.  It's a sad and yet gloriously victorious sense I get for these people.  He says they're Christians, but at one low point, were thinking of making a suicide pact.  I pray they don't. The rapture is coming right around the corner and I "know" they'll be 2 of the 1st ones God will take up.  Listen to the truth he has to share.  He's right on and has absolutely nothing to lose by sharing it with all of us.  I thank God for people like him and his wife.