Breaking News

     The video below is the best thing I've heard that puts everything that is going on and how it came about and where it's going, into a compact 1hr. 20 min. spot.  It's done by a guy named Nick Alvear through his company GoodLionsTV.  He's done a lot more and if you're interested, here's his link:



     Hear is a new podcast that's going to reveal breaking news everyday during the week.  Charlie Ward is hosting this group and has information that's very close to those who would "know".  Take heart!  It's not over and many of the things you're probably fearful of, you don't have to be. 

     Here are the Feb 16th & 19th.  Just click on Skip Ad for the 1st 2 commercials, then skip ahead 30 sec to where it actually starts.   Charlie's Rumble site is:    



     This small video is a great look at where we are in the biblical timeline.  According to this guy, some kind of golden age is right around the corner and we're supposed to have 4 years of great peace and jubilee in this country.  Now that ties in, not only with what's being said out there, especially where the financial part is going with NESARA/GESARA after the bank and stock market crash.  I doubt it'll last long, but during that time, you'll be hearing a lot of information online, on TV, etc. that you may not even want to hear, but that's been said for the past 3 years and more and called conspiracy theory.  The truth will be told.  It also lines up with what Chuck Misler used to teach before he went to be with the Lord.  But check out this timeline and see if it lines up with your bible reading...