Current Events

     This short video (about 18 min) is narrated by Tucker Carlson and really talks truth about all that's going on, especially the immigrant invasion, which was started, funding and continuing to be funded by our present administration.  What in the world does that mean?  Why would our own government do this to us as a country?  I know the answer to that question.  Do You?  Again, just click on SKIP Ad after 5 seconds to both commercials and the interview will start.  


     BTW, at the end of this video, there's a message about Google being there for us and ready to put your messages out there without suppression?  Excuse me, but I seem to recall that Google, who's circle symbol, is actually 666, was one of the media elements used to get us all "into" this mess.  I wouldn't send any information deliberately to them at all.  They're also at the head of the Ai movement, which is one thing that will be used to make lying look like the truth.  You won't even be able to know what's truth anymore. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.  

     So again, please realize that this world isn't going to get better. We are in the END TIMES.  Jesus IS coming back, finally, and you need to get right with Him.  Ask Him to forgive you of your sin, come into your heart to be your Lord and Savior and start reading your Bible and talking to Him everyday.  Find a full gospel church or penticostal church, but get around Christians who "know" Jesus.  Contact me at: if I can be of any help in that arena for you.  Blessings and Shalom!




     This is from Phil Godlewski, the young man who was in the CIA and the NSA at one time.  He's been dribbling out information here and there, but he has to watch what he does say.  But he put this out and I felt it was like him throwing us a bone.  Grab hold of it, as I did, and breathe in and out, taking one breath at a time...  there's always hope.  Of course, mine is in Jesus, but if what he's eluding to is correct, it could be the few years before the final Tribulation?  At least it'll be a breather, lol.


Dark to Light

     Let me tell you this.  This is actually a really big statement, but I’m going to make it anyway.  I think that each and every one of you, no matter what you’ve been through, how many loved ones you lost… when this all starts happening, and it’s just left, right, left, right - it’s all coming down at you all at the same time…  "Phil’s reporting this, Brad’s reporting this, CNN is reporting that, Tucker said this, Elon said that… look what the Whitehouse is saying".  It’s all going to be happening all at the same time. At that moment, when you feel that overwhelming amount of news hitting your plate all at the same time. I bet you that each of you are going to say these words:  

It was worth it!!!

     No matter what you’ve been through - the loss of loved ones, the loss of employment, the loss of friends, or your family, because of what you believe in, the segregation that you may have gone through at work or at school or your refusal to take the vaccines, and you lost your employment because of that, you haven’t seen people because you refused to be like them - you’re going to say it was worth it.

     You know how I know? Because that feeling that you get when it’s all finally happening… boom, boom, it’s just hitting you left and right.  You’re going to be so excited about this one thing that you just learned about.  You’re going to be talking to your friends about it, then you’re going to look over here and be like, there’s this other thing that’s happening and holy crap, it’s happening!  That’s how you’re going to be.

     And at that moment in time, you’re going to say, “You know what? The last 3 years was worth it.  You will say that.  I promise you, you will.  And that’s when we will all celebrate.

 ~~Phil Godlewski

 Fall in the Garden; Falling Ever Since    

     Laura Aboli, based in United Kingdom, is currently a Founder at United Democratic International Movement for Awareness and Freedom, bringing experience from previous roles at Shape and Form Pte Ltd, TravelShark, Wealth-X and World-Check. With a robust skill set that includes Start-ups, Banking, Marketing, Leadership, Investments and more,  

     This woman is a sharp cookie and was a speaker at the Better Way Conference in November. I've been sitting on this video, but saw it again today and I guess this is the time for it.  Take heed!  She's absolutely spot on!