Welcome to May!  Weather is getting nicer, everything's turning green, flowers are popping up everywhere as the pink and white blooms of the Dogwood show up around every corner.  Mother's Day is coming up and May ends with Memorial Day, a celebration of all those who gave their lives in service to our country.  Enjoy the weather & celebrate our traditions.

Fun Facts:  See what happened on this day thru out our history:

1)  The U.S. Post Office is established. (1794)
2)  V-E Day, Germany signs unconditional surrender. (1945)
3)  Mad Magazine hits the newsstands. (1952)
4)  The World Health Organization announces that Smallpox has been
     eradicated worldwide.  (1980)

50 years later and still smiling
50 years later and still smiling
The Liberty High School, Class of '67, 50th Reunion was a huge success!  A hearty 'thank you' goes out to all who attended. The Reunion Committee members are elated with the results of this effort.  Everyone reconnected in marvelous ways.  The display's that were set up had a steady stream of classmates gazing at the pictures and items brought in by other classmates. The room was filled with constant chatter and laughter as people met classmates they hadn't seen in 50 years!  All our hopes came alive yesterday as we, on the reunion committee, watched and mingled with people having a great time.  I believe we will all carry many warm memories with us for years to come from this milestone event.  
     Another thank you goes out to our guest speaker, Gary Lavelle for the warm and wise words he gave us.  Thank you for sharing your heart with us.  Many will carry those words with them for a long time to come.
     Thanks also goes out to John Bereuter, for his help in setting up and tearing down.  He also contributed many pieces of memorabilia to our display table.  Thanks John.  You've got the gift of helps.
     Another huge thank you goes to our tour guide, John Quigley, and Liberty High School for allowing us to see the new renovations made to our ole' Alma Mater.  It was fun. We were all so impressed with the wonderful new additions and changes made to so many areas of the campus.  The cafeteria was amazing and the pool....Wow! I wanted to jump in and take a swim, lol.  
     But all things must come to an end and even though it's over, the memories we took with us from this weekend will warm our hearts for a long time to come.  Stay connected to this website for future events, maybe even before 5 more years :)

There are pictures of the 10th, 35th and 40th reunions on the "Photo Albums" webpage and some on the "Class Reunions" page.  Visit them to see who you may know or remember.  Don't forget to update your profile or post your own pics and current photos.  We love to see how everyone is doing! 

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