Something is Happening in America
I'm sure everyone is feeling the pressure, fear and the rise of something that we haven't experienced since the time of the Revolutionary War or maybe even, the Civil War. We are being made to choose between something that shouldn't even be an issue, but it's been made an issue because of the horrible leadership we have in our Capitol. 

They are trying to DIVIDE and CONQUER! They are trying to set us against each other by allowing the fear they've pushed through false propaganda, along with some truth, to make a freedom we've always had turn into a reason to hate each other. 

To vax or not to vax has become something that has turned the current leadership into a dictatorship - EXACTLY LIKE IT WAS DURING HITLER'S REIGN OF TERROR! Our freedom to accept a vaccine or not is being taken away from us and making each of us afraid of the other.

One side, the vaccinated, think that if the unvaccinated don't take the 'jab', that they'll get sick again from them. The other side, the unvaccinated, think because of all the evidence out there about it, that those that did get vaccinated have become now, carriers of the virus, and are going to make them sick, even though they have antibodies that prevent them from getting it or at the very least, they'll get a mild case of it. I'm one of those. I've had it twice and haven't been sick at all since January of 2020, which was even before they called it covid. I've been tested and have nothing. I've had a colonoscopy since then and nobody died from being around or IN me. Imagine that?

But my point is this - UNITED WE STAND; DIVIDED WE FALL!  

America is falling people. How dare they mandate any vaccine and then call it 'caring about your loved ones'. These are evil people trying to turn our democracy into a one world government that isn't going to be socialistic (which is only another name for communism) like people think. Look at how the Chinese live! They can't even think on their own or they get thrown into prison. They want a one world church too! We have a country that allows religions to be free - but look what happened with that! 

Christianity got pushed aside and now it's considered evil. The Bible says that in the last days "evil will be called good, and good called evil".

We are in the fight for our FREEDOMS America! We are in a fight for our lives! This is also a fight of good against evil. This is a fight that, if allowed to come to fruition, will be the end of Democray and the beginning of Armaggedon, which is predicted by the Bible as well. God is separating those who are His and those who are not. He's not surprised at all by any of this. He's planned it from the beginning. Life, the life He meant to be from the first creation of a man named Adam, is about to begin. The opposition to that is evil. It can be stopped with the prayers of Christians (and they are praying for us all over the world). 

All eyes are on our country right now. What's going to happen? If America falls, everyone falls. America is the last free, evangelical country and is the last thing that needs to be taken down. 


So what are you going to do? Who will you side with - Christianity or a Communistic World dominated by the filthy rich, who want to depopulate it from 8+ billion, down to a controllable 500 million?

Here's a link calling for a stand against tyranny. I just got it this morning and it's what prompted this blog: