Remember our fallen heroes
Remember our fallen heroes

"Remember when, things were really hummin'?" You did if you made it to our 50th Class Reunion. We took "A Walk Down Memory Lane" as we strolled the halls of LHS. We finished on the 6th with dinner, entertainment and connecting with classmates from 50 years ago!  

Firsts in our school years:

> First astronaut?  Yuri Gagarin on 4/12/61? Nope  Alan Shepard on 5/5/61?
   Nope  It was Ham, the chimpanzee on January 31, 1961
> After Ham’s flight, he was retired to the National Zoo in Washington, and 
   moved with a group of captive chimps at the North Carolina Zoo till his 
   death in 1983.
> USA enters the Vietnam war:  3/8/65
> Civil rights activist James Meredith is shot 6/6/66. After treatment of his
   wounds, he completed the march from Memphis, TN to Jackson, MS
> World’s smallest TV set: the Sinclair Microvision, 2” tube, on 9/1/66 in
> First Super Bowl played between Green Bay Packers & Kansas City Chiefs
   in 1967
> Six Day War:  Arab forces attack Israel, beginning the Yom Kippur War
> 1967 average cost of new house:  $14,250 ($320,000 in 2020)
> 1967 average income per year:  $7,300   ($66,000+ now)
> 1967 average monthly rent:  $125   ($1,180 now)
> 1967 gas per gallon:  33 cents   ($3.00 now)
> 1967 average cost of a new car:  $2,750   ($37,851 now)
> 1967 movie tickets:  $1.25    ($9.00 now)
> 1967 Polaroid camera:  $50  (low cost digital: $300 - $900 now)
> 1967 Federal minimum wage increased to $1.40 an hour   ($7.25 now)
> 1967 Boxer Muhammed Ali was stripped of his boxing world championship
   for refusing to be inducted into the US Army.
> March 2,1965:  Premier of Sound of Music
> March 25, 1965:  Martin Luther King’s march from Selma
> April 5, 1965:  My Fair Lady wins 8 academy awards, including Best Picture
> August 11, 1965:  The Watts Riots begin in LA
> 1967 was 'coined' the summer of love when young teenagers got friendly
   and smoked pot, grooving to the music of The Grateful Dead, Jefferson
   Airplane and the Byrds. 
> 1967:  Color TV sets become popular as the price comes down and more
   programs are made in color.

While it's been 50 years since we last roamed the halls of Liberty High School, and while Almart's and Subko's no longer exist, there is still some "high school" that exists inside all of us, just begging to be reawakened and set free.  Our 50th class reunion helped us all to remembered the 'good ole days' but also knowing that time does move on.  They are great memories and will always be in our hearts, but we move forward knowing that better days are coming, as Gary Lavelle shared in his message to us.