WEF & Biden:  Do Any of Us Really Need Either?  NO

     The global ‘elites’, and I use that word with a bad taste in my mouth, because they’re anything but elite, and Fake Biden are two things this world doesn’t need nor did it ‘ever’!  I listened to a podcast from Epoch Times this morning called ‘Is the WEF the Unelected World Government?’  And my answer is ABSOLUTELY!
     This organization, along with the fake Biden of the country of Washington D.C. should be eradicated from this planet!  They obviously are not happy here. They think, for some reason, that they have authority to do anything they want. Fake Biden was fraudulently voted in and they’re allowing him to ‘bury and shoot himself’ with all the garbage he’s doing, but this organization that thinks they are ‘elite’ are nothing but a bunch of self-appointed dictators with britches that apparently are too big for them, who think they have the right to tell the entire world what to do!  Where did they ever get that idea?
     Elite definition:  a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society. 
     I think all of them read this in the dictionary and apparently thought it applied to them. But, that is exactly what they are! A bunch of very stupid, ignorant, rabble rousers, who think they are better and smarter than everyone else, and just decided one day, “We’re going to rule the world.” Sound familiar? I think I heard that somewhere… oh yeah, in the Bible when Lucifer said, “I will be like the Most High God!” And God threw him out the door.
     Then they began having meetings, writing a brand new set of 10 Commandments (even though they don’t believe in God?), declaring that our world was in a state of ‘climate crisis and change’ and that it’s due to over population. They say, we should not be eating meat anymore because it causes carbon emissions, and we need to eat bugs and manufactured meat instead.
     Most of us aren’t necessary or won’t even be needed in their new world because ‘we aren’t smart enough for elite jobs’. We won’t be needed for farming because they’ll be manufacturing food so the majority of the population won’t even have any jobs to do or be of any use, so let’s use them for body parts or just landfill. Oh, and don’t forget that robots will be able to do most of the laborious work, so we’ll just invent a disease to kill them and if that doesn’t do the trick, we’ll invent a drug that we’ll call a vaccine so they’ll be willing to take it, thinking it’ll keep them safe from the disease we’ve created, but it actually will be the portal we need to get nano technology into their bodies so we can completely control everything they think, feel, say, and do. If it doesn’t kill them, then the ones who make it through will be put into the body part category, experimental rat category or maybe something we can play with. Maybe we’ll bring back the Coliseum and have people fights or even better, put in some wild animals and watch them rip them apart for our entertainment. What else are they good for anyway?
     This group of self-appointed leaders of the world has really lost their minds! They’re mad at Elon Musk right now because he isn’t ‘behaving’.  Ursula von der Leyen, the EU Commissioner of the WEF said, “So, our message was clear: we have the rules which have to be complied with. And otherwise, there will be sanctions. I think that the confidence (Who’s confidence?) has been weakened, and I had quite a high level of confidence when it comes to Twitter (yeah, before Elon took it over). I have to say that we worked with knowledgeable people, with the lawyers, with sociologists who understood that they have to “behave” in some “decent” way, not to cause really big harm to society (yeah, who’s society? Theirs!). I always felt that this notion of responsibility was there. So, this is what I don’t feel from Elon Musk, personally.”
     They want Elon to put a stop to FREE SPEECH on Twitter. Who would ever have thought they’d do something like that? What type of speech do they want on Twitter? Oh yeah! The type that lies to people, the type that doesn’t allow anyone to have any other thoughts than those that they’re told to think.
     “Oh, Elon! What a bad boy you’ve become to them. Good for you!!!”
     Fortunately, for all of us, Elon Musk knows that “without free speech, there is no freedom!” And he’s doing the right thing in that arena.
     Now, coming to the fake Biden… and why do I keep saying ‘fake’? Because, he’s an actor. Yes, the person you think is the fraudulent president is not the real Joe Biden. The real Joe Biden is dead. Yes, he’s dead. If what is out there on the Internet is true, he was never even in the election of 2020 because he was executed at a military tribunal prior to that. If that isn’t true and so far, all the military executions for treason are still out there, the actor that played the part, died of a heart attack 2 years ago and this is another actor (one of many, not to mention the clone of Biden they found in the cloning labs in the Ozarks). So, why is he still around? Why are we allowing this fake and phony nobody (at least nobody that ‘anybody’ elected), ruin our country? Because the good guys (white hats, ‘right’ side of the tracks, patriots, Q people, or whatever you want to call them) are allowing the Left (black hats, leftists, global elites, Jesuits, oh and don’t forget the Vatican) bury themselves. The general public (or what the ‘woke’ patriots are calling “normies” or “sleepers”) doesn’t ‘want’ to know the truth so this type of thing can go on for a long time. The ‘white hats’ don’t want to ‘freak’ anybody out with information they can’t handle or that would cause riots and wars (which is exactly what the ‘global elites’ want!
     Yes, they want a war. Why? #1 – IT MAKES THEM MORE MONEY AND RICHER!!! Yes, war makes the global elites richer. Catastrophe makes $$$. Why do you think they keep causing them. Throughout the ages the Jesuits, the Vatican, the Illuminati and Freemasons have been causing all the wars we have. They do it on purpose. It keeps people under control and in fear and it makes them money! “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Churchill said that in the 1940s as the world approached the end of WWII. The Illuminati comes out of England. Oh, and that was formed by the Jesuits. They are at the center of it all.
     The Jesuits were kicked out of 83 countries from the time they began, but run free and clear since this country began.. before it was born from the Revolutionary War. Yep, they’ve been at the crux of all the wars, fights, even crisis’s we’ve been in. They’ve killed around 8 of our presidents, starting with Washington. He’s said to have been a Freemason, but I read that they gave him that honorary standing ‘after’ he died. He never wanted to be in that organization, even though he ‘was’ a Mason. Most people who belong to Masonic Temple don’t realize what’s at the crux of that organization or what they have to vow before being one of the ‘higher ups’. It’s just as bad as the Jesuit pledge.
     So, WAKE UP AMERICANS! This stuff is no longer conspiracy theory. It’s real! It’s out there and thriving due to lack of belief and awareness of their presence, their deeds, their actions or even ‘who’ they are. They aren’t ‘out in the open’ anymore. They are a secret society ever since they came to this country.
Here’s the link to the Epoch Times video. Say Karen Wilt sent you. I have a subscription. You should be able to see it. If you can’t view it, email me @ ( and I will put your email into their share list and then you’ll be able to view it. unelected-world-government-food-programs-include-bugs-and-lab-grown-meat_5007629.html?utm_source=ref_share&utm_campaign=copy&rs=SHRFCVGHZ

Also, if you’re absolutely as confused as I am about the upcoming new QFS financial system, here’s 2 links to videos that can explain it to you (if you can even understand what they’re talking about). I am not a financial person, but was able to at least get a grip on what it is and how it works. They have links to people you can listen to who can help you on a more personal level too:

Video #2:

Video #3:

December 27, 2022

The Plan to Save the World

This is a good overall, but short video to show what's actually happening in our world right now. Sometimes it takes a little while before it'll start... wait a bit.

This is the site I got it from:


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