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     Our 50th Class Reunion pictures are on and so are the pictures from the Tour of LHS on 8/5.  If you want to see the video of that tour, go on the Reunion Update page.  There's a link to it there.  You can also view the Keynote presentation presented at the reunion and Gary Lavelle's speech.  There are links to both of them on the Reunion Update page as well.

Front of the New LHS building

50th Class Reunion LHS Tour 8/5/17

These are pictures from our tour through the newly renovated campus of Liberty High School on 8/5/17.  Our tour guide was one of the custodians, John Quigley.  He was very informative and patient with all our chitter chatter, questions and noise.  Thanks John.
Our theme was Walk Down Memory Lane, so these table decorations were meant to remind you of various clubs and activities

50th Class of '67 Reunion 8/6/17

Here are many pictures taken of our Reunion.  There are more coming from our photographer, but I won't be putting them in till later.
Ernie Matus with Butch Macri

Ernie Matus Tribute Photos

Ernie Matus was a teacher at NEJHS when our class was there.  He taught History to eighth graders.  Ernie was a strong disciplinarian, and highly respected.  He was our head football coach, and our head basketball coach.  The football team was 6-0, and the basketball team was 9-3.  In the early 1990’s our class members reunited for two annual events, and Ernie attended often. Under the leadership of Francis Macri we have been holding a summer golf event at Bethlehem Golf Club in early August. And, with Joe Kempfer’s lead we gather on December 26 for some socializing locally at various sites.  Besides Mr. Matus we have been joined by Fritz Toner (LHS basketball coach), Ted Martz (LHS swimming coach), and Bob Buffman (LHS football coach).  Ernie died in 2013.  Ted died in 2014.  Bob died in 2007. These photos are from various years and locations. 

10th Class Reunion

These are pictures taken by Carol (Anders) Madzic at the 10th LHS Class of '67 Reunion on 9/10/77.  You may see some classmates that you haven't seen for quite some time.

35th Reunion Pictures

These are pictures taken by Carol (Anders) Madzic at the 35th LHS Class of '67 Reunion.  Does anyone look familiar?  Were you there?
'You Guys' at the Tally-Ho on (what else?) December 26th.

Joe's Scans

A few photos that I scanned recently - - - including one I recently got from Rose Ann Cherney.
Liberty - looking north from Fairview St.

Liberty H.S. Renovations

Some of the major renovations of LHS in 2006-07
Karen (Abel) & George Wilt

Karen's Photo Album

Family pics of our old camper, Thanksgiving pics, Xmas pics, reunions, etc.

Sherry's Photos

Sherry's Photos - please do not distribute any of these pictures in New Jersey as some of our photos appear in the Post Offices in the Garden State.

Susan's Photos

These photos were sent in from Susan Ballek Figlar - Thanks Susan!
Standing l to r Ron Kline, Jim Kessak, Butch Macri. Seated l to r Stan Vasiliades, Ernie Matus, Jim Coleman,Fred Snyder,

You Guys - December 26, 2004 & 2007

The usual suspects found at the Tally Ho the day after Christmas.  And some from the Hanover Roadhouse with Coach Buffman in 2004.

You Guys Golf Tournament - 2012

These pictures are from the 19th Annual You Guys Golf Tornament held on August 4, 2012 at the Bethlehem Golf Club.

You Guys Golf

For the past 14 years, a bunch of our classmates (even some of the old guys from Becahi) get together once each summer to play a round of "Wilderness Golf".   It just so happened that this year's event was held the day after our reunion.  It was only fitting that some of the pictures from the golf outing be posted on the class web site.  

Guessing who the players are should be fun - there are some fathers and sons too.  Enjoy!
U GUYS GOLF 8-05-2017

You Guys 2017

Pictures taken at the 2017 You Guys Golf Tournament
John Diacogiannis, Dick Boak, Vince Ortwein

YouGuys Get Together at Wooden March

Here are a few pics from Joe Kempfer of the annual December 30th get together with the You Guys golf group from LHS

You Guys Golf 8/7/21

The annual tournament is organized and run by Butch Macri. He has done a great job over these past 27 years. This one was held on Saturday, August 7, 2021 at Bethlehem Golf Club.  There were 43 golfers, 31 are LHS classmates. Each year the winning foursome gets their names on our plaque. Mohap's group won this year.