Bill Clinton, gone 2021
Bill Clinton, gone 2021
     Here's some news from Guantanamo Bay (GITMO) tribunals and executions.  I found a video that shows quite a few arrests, jail sentences and executions that have been going on for a couple years now, due to Treason!  I'm going to put some individual pictures and then lists of people that are there or have been there.  The penalty for Treason is death!  There are many individuals involved in treason, child sex trafficking (Crimes of humanity), trying to overthrow the government of the U.S.A., attempted assassinations on a president and many more charges, some of which will warrant life imprisonment at GITMO.  We've allowed too much to happen and did nothing about stopping it. That's why we are in the shape we're in right now.
     When you see this list (there will be a few more future posts to be able to fit them all in), you'll say, "But I just saw that person on TV or in the news or online!  How can they be dead?"  
     The answer to that question is another question... do you realize that cloning has been going on since 1938?  It has and most of the people on these lists are being played by an actor, but some (especially royals & high ranking political people) are being played out by a clone!  Yes, a clone. I can give you links to many places where you'll see that this is a reality. Queen Elizabeth did not die in 2022. She was executed 2 years earlier.  So, without further adieu, we'll get started...
Arrested & Executed – List 2
Keanu Reeves Justin Bieber
John Travolta Tom Cruise
Alec Baldwin Anderson Cooper
Ben Affleck Beyonce
Bill Murray Courtney Love
Gwen Stefani James Franco
James Gunn Jim Carrey
John Cusack John Legend
Katey Perry Lynn Rothschild
Naomi Campbell Farrell Williams
Seth Green Shawn Carter (Jay-Z)
Stephen Tyler Will Farrell
Woody Allen John Rockefeller IV
Matt Hancock Tony Blair
Richard Branson Paul Ryan
John Podesta Juan Carlos X (King of Spain)
This is the site to go on to if you want the whole thing yourself:

This is the 2nd of 10 Lists and I have about 20 individual pictures as well... so more will be forthcoming. Maybe a new list each week. Then I'll post the link to the video I got them from. But if you want to know more, see  The oldest pages will have all the executions from a few years ago, like Alec Baldwin, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Hanks, etc.  They are all pedophiles, Satanists, 30 yr. sex traffickers and members of NAMBLA (North American Men-Boy Love Association) and the Adrenochrome Club.